Welcome to our church website.  We are a non-denominational charismatic church.  If you enjoy the teachings of Kenneth Hagin, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer and Kenneth Copeland, then you will feel at home with us. 

Our church is prophetic and very different from the average charismatic church.  We do not have a standard weekly program for our services.  Our services are at the direction of the Holy Spirit with everyone free to use their gifts.   We also generally have more than one speaker during our services. 

If you are hungering for more of the Lord, and you want to know what your call is and you want to fulfill it,  then our church is for you.  If you like good teaching and a move of the Holy Spirit, then you will enjoy our services.  If you are serious about commiting your life to the Lord and your calling, and you are willing to forsake all, then our church is for you!


Our vision is to train up every member of the church, men and women, in their gifts and callings through practical experience on a regular basis.  And if an individual, man or woman, is called to the five-fold ministry they will learn to preach, teach, prophesy, minister to people, and flow with the Holy Spirit.  The church is built around the gifts of the members.  We believe that if the Holy Spirit is allowed to flow as He desires through each member, then we will have a greater manifestation of God’s glory in the church.

Every member learns how to walk in the Spirit and in love.  The fruit of the Spirit is developed in every believer.  Members learn how to minister in love. We teach everyone how to overcome problems and walk in victory in their lives so that they can help others do the same.

As the Lord leads we hold weekly home groups where believers can teach and minister to one another in the gifts of the Spirit.  This is a practical way for believers to learn and use their gifts.  We also take members on mission trips to other countries where they can gain valuable experience in their callings, mission work, and  traveling ministry.

We also one day want to provide church services every evening, so that anyone in need will know that there is a place that they can come and be ministered to.  This will also be another practical way to train up and use those called to the five-fold ministry.

In Loving Memory Our Founder
Paul Brandt
Pastor &
Apostle Prophet

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