Our Doctrine
We believe all of Scripture is God-breathed and inspired by God, and written by those chosen by God.
Our Belief
To train up every member to preach, teach and use the Gifts of the Spirit through the Word of God.
Saint Louis New Testament Church
Not building a church, but building people!

This church is built around the gifts of the members.  We believe that if the Holy Spirit is allowed to flow as He desires through each member, then we will have a greater manifestation of God’s glory in and outside of the church.

Our vision is to train up every member of the church -- men, women, children and youth -- in their gifts and callings through practical experience on a regular basis. If an individual is called to the five-fold ministry he or she will learn to preach, teach, prophesy, minister to people, and flow with the Holy Spirit.  Every member learns to walk and minister in the Spirit and in Love.  The Fruit of the Spirit is developed in every believer.  By developing Christ in every member, we believe they will learn to overcome problems and walk in daily victory so they can help others do the same.

As the Lord leads, we will hold weekly home groups where believers can teach and minister to one another in the gifts of the Spirit.  This is a practical way for believers to learn and use their gifts.  We will also take members on mission trips to other countries where they will gain valuable experience in their callings, mission work, and traveling ministry.

One day we will provide church services every evening, so that anyone in need will know that there is a place where they can come and be ministered to.  This will also be another practical way to train up and use those called to the five-fold ministry.

Join us on the Radio on 
Saturdays at 4pm
for the 
Standing on the Rock 
Radio Broadcast

Listen live online at: 

You may also listen at KXEN 1010 AM at 4 o’clock MO time [CDT]
We are so glad you decided to visit us.  I can tell you from first-hand experience that our church is unlike any church you have been to.  We are a non-denominational, charismatic training church.  Whether you grew up in church or if you've never been, each service is unlike what you might expect. 

We do not have a standard weekly program for our services.  Instead, our services are at the direction of the Holy Spirit with everyone free to use their gifts.  We train every member to preach, teach and use the Gifts of the Spirit.  We have found that when the Holy Spirit ministers, everyone gets exactly what they need to live a victorious life.  

If you are hungering for more of the Lord, and you want to know what your call is and you want to fulfill it, THEN our church is for you.  If you like good teaching and a move of the Holy Spirit, you will enjoy our services. 

We look forward to seeing you at one of our services.

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