Pastor Melissa Torres was ordained on July 9, 2007 under Saint Louis New Testament Church, after four years of training by Apostle Paul Brandt. She was also ordained on September 3, 2010 under Mission of Light Ministries, the traveling ministry under Apostle Paul Brandt. She has been trained as an Apostle, Prophetess, Pastor and Teacher. 

While attending Saint Louis New Testament Church, Melissa served as 

Saint Louis New Testament Church
About the Pastor 

Assistant Pastor, Home Group Leader and Traveling Minister where she helped teach and train the local church members to preach, teach and operate in the gifts of the Spirit.  Pastor Melissa has been invited to speak at revival meetings, church conferences and pastors’ meetings throughout the United States, Germany and Mexico.

The Holy Spirit operates through her in the gifts of healing and deliverance.  Through preaching the Word 
and the prophetic gift, Melissa encourages churches to fulfill their vision and individuals to fulfill their calls, live victoriously, and stay on course with God’s plan for their lives.

Her desire to see everyone develop their relationship with the Lord.  By doing so, people will begin to see their full potential in Christ and fulfill the call of God on their lives.  This is where victorious living starts. 

Pastor Melissa has served as the Associate Pastor since 2010 and became the Senior Pastor in February, 2015 to continue the vision.  She is also the Apostle for Mission of Light Ministries, our international traveling ministry.